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About Us

Sam Haines

Sam Haines is a multi-instrumentalist and native of Bucks County, PA. Sam enjoys working with multiple artists and ensembles composing and performing in jazz, neo-classical folk, meditative, and world music genres. In addition to being a musician, Sam works alongside his beloved partner Wendi Rose supporting people’s well-being and spiritual growth through sessions, classes and workshops in the holistic healing arts. Sam is happy to be involved with JWF!

Wayne Palmer

Hailing from the Bronx, NY, multi-instrumentalist (piano, drums, vibraphone, marimba), Wayne Palmer comes from a musical family, his father being a drummer and his uncle a song and dance man. He attended Combs College Of Music graduating with a degree in music performance. He then accepted a position with the Saskatchewan Symphony, moving to Canada and also teaching high school music there. He later returned to Philadelphia to work in vocational rehabilitation, retiring from music for 10 years. In 1986, he returned to the music scene and since then has performed with various groups. With his multi-instrument capabilities, don’t be surprised to see Wayne occasionally jump off the drums, jive over to the keyboard, and wail on that also!

Lori Rosolowsky

Lori Rosolowsky is a jazz and classical pianist (Oberlin-trained), singer and songwriter whose style and voice have been compared to Carole King and Carly Simon. In 2016, her family moved to Bozeman, Montana where she has become immersed in the cultural scene.  She is founder and CEO of  Open Sky Artists, LLC, a full arts service management and consulting firm that focuses on connecting artists with audiences with excellence and integrity. Open Sky Artists partners with artists, other freelancers, and presenting organizations to create opportunities and build audiences. Lori returns frequently to Pennsylvania to perform with Jazz with Friends and other ensembles.  Visit Lori's website.

Mike Seifried

Passionate about music and especially jazz, saxophonist Mike Seifried performs widely with ensembles including the Doylestown Heat Jazz Band, the Montgomery County Jazz Band, the Delaware Valley Saxophone Quartet, and several other jazz groups. On Tuesday nights, you can usually find him jamming in the house band at the Hub Pub in Pipersville. He is also works as a web developer, specializing in websites for non-profit organizations whose goals he supports. Visit Mike’s website.

Bernie Thompson

A native Brooklynite (who still roots for the Giants!), Bernie is a graduate of the New York City H.S. of Performing Arts and of Dartmouth College. Growing up in a household with an artist, an educator, and an electrical engineer (who moonlighted on the Hammond organ for jazz gigs and on the pipe organ for church services), he had no choice but to be the crazy individual that he currently is! He can even be imposed upon to sing, usually a pithy ditty with humorous commentary, or a passionate ballad about unrequited love – a mushy romantic.

Christa Tinari

Christa Tinari is a vocalist who enjoys connecting emotionally with audiences as she expresses jazz standards, classic folk rock, and country tunes in a personal way. Christa also performs with Cherry Lane Band and is affiliated with Musicians Without Borders, an organization which uses community music workshops to bring healing and hope to people impacted by trauma. Christa recently moved to Atlanta, but we still enjoy working with her when she is in town for a visit. Christa is founder of PeacePraxis and is an author, educational product developer, and nationally-known bullying and violence prevention specialist. Visit Christa’s website.