Welcome to Jazz with Friends!

From left to right: Ricky Renz (drums), Mike Seifried (sax), Lori Rosolowsky (piano/vocals), Sam Haines (bass)

Jazz with Friends is a jazz combo playing a mix of jazz and pop standards and original material performed in a lively and entertaining style. We perform shows as well as music for corporate and charity events like cocktail parties, galas, festivals, and restaurants/bars. Co-founders Lori Rosolowsky (piano and vocal) and Mike Seifried (saxophone) perform frequently as a duo, but often have their friends Ricky Renz (drums), and Sam Haines (bass) join them.

Our entertaining and interactive performances earn frequent standing ovations and repeat invitations.

Please take a look around, have a listen and contact us. We’ll plan a performance just for you!

To see where we are playing, check the calendar on Lori's website.